1. Used to express surprise or give emphasis.

    “Gosh, it’s working!”

  2. Used as a euphemism for ‘God’.

    “Gosh darn it, Samantha, I’m telling you this is the future”

  3. An Ethereum Layer 2 Decentralized Operating System where you build communities using any Open Source tool

    “Wanna start a project, have you tried GOSH yet?”

Whether it’s code, music, documents, or videos; scientific research or democratic activism; revolution, evolution, progress, or history: GOSH — Ethereum Layer 2 Decentralized Operating System — lets you build consensus around your idea.

The aim of this blog is to inform and inspire those passionate about decentralization and open source software to join us in creating an environment where developers, scientists, and private companies can build software and conduct research which is open, free, and unbiased. 

We write about what goes on inside GOSH: New feature releases and partnerships, and our project of providing a fully decentralized git and open source DAO governance platform. As well as decentralized science, the history of high technology, and where the blockchain stands today.

We encourage open communication, so please comment if you feel you have something to say, or message us directly.

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GOSH is the first blockchain purpose-built for securing the software supply chain, and capturing the value locked in open source projects